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Celebrity weight loss pay their trainer’s big money to help them get lean, sexy and super fit and you can get the same great results. Just incorporate their awesome trainer tactics into your plan and get a superstar body in no time! diets don’t have to be time consuming or complicated. In fact, the simpler the more likely you are to stick to them and consistency is the key to great results.

Harley Pasternak author of The 5 Diet and trainer to Halle Berry, Benjamin Bratt, and Eva Mendes teaches clients how to maximize their metabolism with 5 meals from 5 ingredients in 5 minutes. He also teaches clients how to get celebrity weight loss with 5 moves that take 5 minutes 5 days a week.

Changing your body means changing your habits but that can be difficult for those who aren’t aware of why they engage in unhealthy behavior. Bob Greene author of The Best Diet and trainer to Oprah, challenges clients to question their behavior and alter habits gradually for long term success for celebrity weight loss. His plan encourages you to utilize tools and guidelines rather than quick fixes.

If you’re busy and pressed for time then a plan that fits your schedule and your fast paced lifestyle is your only option. David author of The Ultimate New Diet and trainer to Heidi , Ellen, and Liv Tyler teaches clients how to do a fat burning workout in a taxi or a cubicle, how to make healthy choices at any restaurant, and how to assemble satisfying meals quickly. His plan is all about squeezing it in as often as possible so results come quickly and motivation rises.

If you’re following diet but you still don’t have that dream body you may just be going through the motions and it takes that extra something to truly transform. Gregory Roche, author of One Body One Life, and trainer to Pink, Brad Pitt, and Moore teaches clients to be present and have a more conscious fat loss experience that manifests their desired outcome. Being more conscious allows you to tap into what your body really needs and gives you the edge to truly transform.

You’re probably working out hard but if you’re not getting the results you want then you’re not really pushing past your comfort zone and taping into your full fitness potential. Steve, author of 6 Weeks to A Hollywood Body, and trainer to Jessica and Ashely Judd teaches clients how to weak their exercises so that muscles get worked 100%. He also shows clients how to ramp up their cardio to burn more in less time.

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