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Fat loss plans come in every shape and size, just like people. They can work if you follow them exactly and this is perhaps the key point. If you notice carefully you will see that these programs always add something about a proper diet and exercise routine being used in order to succeed. Indeed, if you follow a healthy eating plan and exercise properly you will be able to actually lose your unwanted weight.

You will have to cut back approximately 3500 calories in order to lose a pound of fat. Consider for a moment, by decreasing your calorie intake by 500 calories per day. This is 500 x 7 days. Within a weeks time you can lose one pound of fat.

Cutting 500 calories from a normal diet will leave many people with only about 1500 calories a day, and this is a tough diet to maintain week in and week out. If you would do this for a year, though, you could conceivably lose 52 lbs of fat over a year just by dieting.

You can burn calories faster and drop the weight when you include some exercise to your fat loss plan. Including an hour of exercise daily aids you in losing another one or two pounds weekly.

Eating foods that naturally help you burn fat are also very helping in your fat loss plan. Green tea is known to have a weight loss effect, and you should also make sure you drink lots of water to keep your metabolism up.

Adding fresh fruits and vegetables and avoiding sugars and processed foods are going to be necessary, and trust me, no real diet plan that lets you lose weight is going to let you eat what you want of the wrong types of food. This is just not going to happen, you have to change and modify your eating habits and foods in order to burn fat from your body.

You can have success with dieting and exercise but you have to commit to following the program properly. This means that you have to eat the foods that you are allowed and exercise daily.

You may also need to find a program that works for you. Some things don’t work for everybody, and some people can’t keep themselves on some diets. Try to make a diet for yourself that will become part of your lifestyle so you can keep the weight off once you’ve dropped it.

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