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My Top 3

I wish I could say we used an exhaustive analysis of the available weight loss programs and can to a logical decision after hours and hours of deliberation.

But I can’t.

It came down to these points:

  • It had to be a company we could trust - i.e. well known, high profile
  • We didn’t want to decide and debate what was for dinner - we could each chose something out of the closet
  • Cut down on shopping
  • The food looked as though we would eat it
  • Cost was obviously an issue
  • We thought it could work

The criteria were weighted differently in my mind versus my wife’s - she was more worried that she wouldn’t like the food, while I wanted convenience as an example.

We looked an the main one’s and decided on Nutrisystem (we also looked at WeightWatchers, Jenny Craig and Diet2go).

Nutrisystem looked the best; they had an option where my wife could choose the food, and another where they would choose for me - we were both happy!

They had a coupon for where there was a week free and a discount for auto delivery. When my wife rang to order her food she discovered another promotion where if a same member of the household ordered at the same time there would get an extra week free and 10% off - which seemed like a good deal!

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